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Writing On The Moon: 

Stories and Poetry from

the Creative Unconscious

by Psychoanalysts and Other

Edited by Bonnie Zindel

A collection of some of the best poetry, stories, and creative non-fiction published

in the Creative Literary Arts Section

of Psychoanalytic Perspectives.


“Bonnie Zindel is a real pioneer in expanding the domain of what is psychoanalysis. This unique book makes real the art that arises from the life and the work of  psychoanalysts.”

Thomas Ogden, MD, published eleven books on psychoanalysis, and
two novels, translated into more than twenty languages. He was
awarded the 2012 Sigourney Award for his contribution to the field of

 “In all our published work until now, the creativity of psychoanalysts has been limited to the expressiveness and evocativeness of our clinical descriptions and theoretical contributions.  In this enchanting new volume, Bonnie Zindel gives psychoanalysts and those inspired by psychoanalysis a chance to unleash their creative energies and show a different face.  It is the face of our insides turned outward, the creative unconscious reaching out, not only from our minds but from our depths and toward our common humanity.”

-Jody Messler Davies, PhD. New York University Postdoctoral Program, The Stephen Mitchell Center for Relational Studies

“Bonnie Zindel’s Writing on the Moon is a profoundly extraordinary and compassionate compilation of poetry, art, and narratives, born out of the world and pens of psychoanalysts and creative artists. The title alone draws you in with its perceptive sense of the artist’s isolation in inhabiting the unexplored terrain of the creative unconscious.  Zindel has curated a deeply human book whose democracy of shared visions is a treasure.  She inspires us to move the power of the word infinitely forward.”

-James Ragan, PhD, Distinguished Professor of Poetry at Charles University, Prague, and Former Director of University of the Southern California Graduate Professional Writing Program for 25 years, author of 9 books of poetry.

“Bonnie Zindel,a psychoanalyst and writer, has gathered a remarkable collection of creative works which pay homage to the wisdom of the unconscious as expressed through the arts, in dreams, and in the consulting room. The multitude of voices speak to themes we encounter on our journey through life as we grapple with the human condition and personal traumas.”

-Sophia Richman, PhD, author of Mended by the Muse: Creative Transformations of Trauma (Routledge, 2014)

"We all embody creative energy, but we need to feel safe and quiet the inner critical voices that deny us the courage to express ourselves. There is a universal need to make sense of our lives through stories. Bonnie Zindel created space for this, and her book is a treasure. It connects us with each other in meaningful and life-affirming ways and gives us all permission to express ourselves creatively."

- Mindy Utay, Huffington Post

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